▢1 tbsp vegetable oil ▢1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast cut into bite-sized pieces ▢2 cups small broccoli florets ▢1 cup chicken broth ▢1 1/4 cups instant white rice uncooked ▢8 oz cream cheese ▢2 tbsp milk ▢1 tsp Italian seasoning ▢garlic salt (with parsley flakes) to taste ▢pepper ▢1 cup italian 5 cheese shredded

Instructions STEP - 1

Preheat oven to 350.

STEP - 2

In a large skillet, heat oil while cooking the chicken and broccoli. Bring the poultry to a bone-in consistency.  

STEP - 3

Incorporate the broth and heat to a simmer. Combine rice, cream cheese, milk, garlic salt, and pepper with Italian seasoning. Mix thoroughly.

STEP - 4

Coat in greasing an 8-by-8-inch baking dish.

STEP - 5

Add cheese shreds to the top. Bake while covered for 22 to 26 minutes. GREATLY ENJOY!

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