▢ 2 8 oz cans Pillsbury crescent roll dough ▢ 2 cans cream of chicken soup ▢ 8 oz pkg cream cheese softened ▢ 2 – 3 c shredded cooked chicken ▢ 1 pkg Italian dressing mix (or 3 TB) ▢ 2 – 3 green onions chopped – optional

Instructions STEP - 1

Preheat oven to 375. Add cream cheese and both cans of soup to a medium pot and turn to medium heat.

STEP - 2

Add dressing mix and stir until well combined. Turn down to low heat. Pour most of the mixture into a large bowl, leaving enough in the pan to use as a gravy to put on the chicken bundles.

STEP - 3

Alternatively, you can toss all the ingredients on the baking sheet you're using.

STEP - 4

Scoop a spoonful of chicken mix onto the crescent roll dough and roll

STEP - 5

Bake in the oven for 9-12 minutes.

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