Easy Mediterranean Diet Snacks For Office


Pistachios are sweet-flavored shelled nuts that are packed with multiple nutrients. These are available as roasted and salted or in their raw sweet flavor.

The traditional Hummus and pita

The Hummus is nothing but majorly chickpeas. Just like bread and butter, Hummus always goes best with pita bread. 

Garlic hummus

If not the regular Hummus, you may try the garlic hummus. Made with roasted garlic, the garlic hummus will take you up to cloud 9 as you snack while working.

Zucchini fritters

If you want something greasy yet healthy, zucchini fritters may be just the right snack for you at work. It is crispy, yummy, and definitely vegan.

Spiced-up seasoned rosemary olives

If you are craving some tangy condiments, olives are the perfect snacks to choose from. To spice the flavor up, you can add various seasonings like rosemary.

Seasoned almonds

Almonds are popular in the healthy food department. This nut is famous for being a superfood. And seasoned almonds are a brainiac combo of tasty meets healthy.

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