How to Start a Mediterranean Diet in 5 Steps

1. Switch to olive oil and do not skimp on it.

Trying to follow a Mediterranean diet using very little olive oil defeats the purpose.

2. Eat vegetables as a main course.

The high consumption of vegetables is a main characteristic of the Mediterranean diet. 

3. Learn to cook a few basic Mediterranean meals.

The Mediterranean diet is about real food. That does not mean one has to cook from scratch everyday but learning 2-3 basic dishes will greatly improve your diet. 

4. Go vegan one or two days a week.

When we look at the traditional Greek diet, the Greeks abstained from animal products about 200 days a year for religious reasons. 

5. Stop adding meat to everything.

Often see in recommendations for healthy eating plenty of vegetable dishes but also quite a bit of meat. 

We do not need that much meat (even if it is lean), and studies have shown that reducing meat is correlated with better health. 

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