1 8 oz. tub whipped cream cheese ▢1 tbsp brown sugar packed ▢1/3 cup strawberry jam ▢2/3 cup strawberries chopped ▢8-10 slices Texas Toast ▢5 eggs ▢1 cup milk ▢1 tsp cinnamon ▢1 tsp vanilla extract ▢1 tbsp butter

Instructions STEP - 1

In a small receptacle, combine cream cheese, brown sugar, strawberry jam, and chopped strawberries.  

STEP - 2

On a slice of bread, spread a few tablespoons of the cream mixture. For a sandwich, press another portion onto the bread.

STEP - 3

Combine cinnamon, vanilla, and eggs with milk in a casserole dish. It is necessary to coat the complete sandwich with the egg mixture by dipping each side of the sandwich.  

STEP - 4

Place melted butter on a skillet or griddle and sear sandwiches for approximately four minutes per side. Sprinkle with syrup and powdered sugar.

STEP - 5

An ideal breakfast to begin the day with! Delectable strawberry and cream cheese filling inside thick slabs of French toast. 

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